8 thoughts on “Varias

  1. If the first five pics are of the same boy then pic #5 is fantastic. I guess a little bit of serious body building gave him what he wanted.. a rockin’ hard bod to complete his extremely handsome face. Way to go kid. You’re beautiful in every respect.

  2. Do not think Picture Number SIX is the same guy as any of the others. Like that picture the best of this post. There is THE SAND DANCER, of another photographer. There is one and another, plus one or two more, who are oft edited in, making THE SAND DANCER SERIES, longer than the original. The other sets have other names. — NOTE !! Not all pictures get the authorship correct, nor do most original authors even be able to correct. As a matter of fact, it is nowadays almost impossible. Some remember … and others who also do. ‘Newbies’ pretend other photos are their own … unaware that there are those others who might just know enough to know better. Fraud in the sets of phots is so common it is hard. yes good Why not be real and be human and stop being a monkey copying the calapping dance ?

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