36 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Title should have read “A perfect boy” He is absolutely stunning! good Great pics Florida……I feel like i died and went to hot blonde boy heaven… laugh I love blondes and i love this kid! inlove Beautiful boy! yes dash heart hug dog

  2. He makes me forget myself…

    Semi-obscure references aside, these are the kind of photos I absolutely adore. To each their own and I don’t judge anybody for their preferences but it’s so much more wonderful than the ones that just focus on genitalia or mimick sexual scenarios.

    I put this out there so contributors know there’s a big audience for the non-sleazy stuff.

    • My cat would drag him in, if it could, and it will want to if it ever sees him ( or smells him ) and it would chew on him and claw his arm until he goes along with the thing, into here, and he would be the cat’s sleep mat forever. Cat will be cat, meanwhile. He would have to feed it and be its provider …. or the cat would ( will ) bite and chew his body. Cat would pure love him. No sex, Just sweet and simple and blood love. The love between people is also brain love. Cat will have to sit next. ha ha laugh

  3. Thanks for the compliments. That is what I thought too. The site is called the Beauty of Boys. It’s time that people realize that many people who may be unlike them, enjoy the photographs of kids. I’m a gay kid who loves looking at boys. I don’t have to be photographed salaciously to convey a decent emotion that everyone could admire. I am sure that many patrons to this site often see true beauty in boys around town without referring to their crotches. Sometimes a single water bead on a tanned shoulder can elicit feelings of awe and desire for years gone by. I liked shooting this project. It was tiring working both sides back and forth but the results made for a perfect day.

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