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  1. I have no idea where pic #7 came from. The pic I posted was the one from the movie The Boy where he sets fire to the hotel. The shirtless pic of that guy in 7 is not mine. A little help boss, as to how that happened ….???? Thank you…!!!

    • there is the movie and it is this as officially listings give it – – – – do not lie about it — — The Boy NR · 2015 · 1hr 45min · Horror · In the summer of 1989, the Mt. Vista motel has been slowly deteriorating on an isolated roadside, and its proprietor, John Henley, is not faring much better. Since his wife left him and their nine year-old son, Ted, John has drifted into despondency. With no parental or adult supervision to guide him, the young Ted’s darker impulses begin to emerge, leading him to explore a growing fascination with death. This fascination blossoms into a bizarre and dangerous method for roping in the occasional passing motorists for an unplanned overnight stop at the motel. When a mysterious drifter is forced to take up residency at the Mt. Vista for several days, he and Ted forge a unique friendship that sends the boy down a dangerous path. ( etcetera ) rtfm – – – NOT SIMILAR to – – – – The Boy (2016). rtfm rtfm – – – – Spanking is another matter and another issue. rtfm rtfm laugh

    • You got that right blSpain. Your from Spain,beautiful country.Do you know how to get pics of model boy “Carlos”,as he looks like today? I’ll check back on this page,to see if you read this,okay blSpain.Hes,in real life,a real nice guy.In his early 20’s,and fine.You know who i mean,hes a cutie.I think he only modeled once.Anyway,see ya later.”Boy,i want penis,so bad,but,never can,or will happen…. dash dash dash sorry

  2. Pic’s,#5…#6….#7…oh,with a cute lil butts like that.Cute,smooth,boys in tidy whiteys,they deserve to feel the best feeling,that no one can imagine.Just wanna sqeeze them really cute little bubble butts,soooo bad,but,i’m 19,and that will never,and cant happen.Unless,you move to a country where that is normal,but i wouldn’t.Then boys will grow up,in a normal way,NO ONE….Will stop that.There still so cute tho.I wish i was 8 again. dash

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