Boy drawings (selfmade) pls read text

  1. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageHey there! I wanna show you some drawn boy art. The reason why I’m not posting this on Boy Art is that I love the community here. So yeah, this pics are sketches made by me. Some use Janis (see my last posts ) smile as a motive, some just cuties. I really hope you like it and maybe enjoy this different view on the beauty of boys smile Please let me know your opinion in the comments or PM or whatever laugh




31 thoughts on “Boy drawings (selfmade) pls read text

  1. I love the emotions that they all invoke, which is what art is all about, but that it’s about a topic close to my heart makes them more valuable to me. The first side portrait is wonderful, then just the eyes, they look right into me is intense. Love all of them as separate pieces that speak their own messages. Thanks, Dave.

  2. I quite agree with the great art portrayed and rendered here. I think you capture the “boyishness” of the renderings. Beautifully done! Please continue and expand. Thanks for all your effort and hard work.

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