9 thoughts on “Hawaiian Shorts

  1. baggy shorts or board shorts or Miami shorts or whatever are for swimming and are so common world wide there is no reason for it but that boys and men like them … look up the worldwide popularity of blue jeans and the very feel of the original jean fabric …. queen & king of england and more . .. . for example.
    OH love the pictures. Yes. smile
    Half of Hawaii’s sand comes from Australia they say. Where does that guy in these pictures come from ? Send here those shorts of his for our local party snifffff laugh laugh dash

    • Thanks for your comments and observations on the colorful shorts! Yes, they seem to be the favorite of swim boys these days – as modest as they are – and as impractical as they remain! Ah, for the return to sports speedos for a proper fit. smile laugh Thank you for your kind comments on this lad. He was having a wonderous time along the Daytona Beach, FL area. Skimping and splashing about. Enjoyable viewing! inlove The poor mesh support in these shorts were no match to the wiggle waggle of his boyness as he ran to jump on the skim board. blush

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