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    • Alex you shouldn’t make your email public my friend, it could show up in places you would not like. I’d change it if I were you, just some friendly advice from an old man. Nice pic anyway even if I’m way out of your age group. laugh laugh laugh laugh

  1. Cute but in need of some etiquette…The proper and classy thing to do is NOT state that you don’t want anyone whose older then a certain age to PM you .But rather just don’t answer those who fall out of your age bracket or when you receive the PM explain in a polite way what your looking for Especially on a site that caters to BL’s who are probably not in your age range or maybe even visit a site geared more towards your target age?………that way you dont come off as an arrogant snob and no one is the wiser and that makes you even cuter and “friendlier” yes

      • I dont believe YOU are in any position to tell me what I can tell anyone! smile Who asked you anyway? rtfm I have the right to say what i want to and if you dont like it thats tuff! Just because you ACTUALLY think hes going to be your new boyfriend…(what a joke!) chuckle What are you his mommie? Mind your own business!

          • NOT….. definitely NOT fighting over you! You aint all that! no I was speaking to Dreamdork who seems to be a lil bEEeaaccchh! And i could care less if I ever saw your pics again…Theres TONS of WAY WAY hotter boys with proper attitudes to look at and talk to.. then waste my time on you and sorry kid i wont have to stare at the pic saw it once and thats enough for me to say meh …! No loss Good Riddance ! rtfm

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