16 thoughts on “PostNo 169

  1. They’re all wonderful. Surfer boy is outstanding. But the lad with his long brown curly hair? I want to spent time combing my fingers through it one lazy morning after we wake up together.

  2. Great boys …but? Im just curious? did you enlarge these pics? they are very blurry I love them its just that most are out of focus and the boys are very hot so i was kinda bummed and im curious as to why? Easy please don’t take offense no Nice boys though!!! Great taste…. good

  3. You take no offense to blurry pictures but they are still blurry. Sometimes that is as they get finded. Many blurrys are retouchings. Many blurrys are as they are they way they are as errant findings. The originals are harder to find. Fun anyway . . . as boys might blur your vision … ha ha ha . smile

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