22 thoughts on “Ronan Parke, What a Hottie!

      • I have seen many videos of him. He appears be gay. I never saw him admit. But there are things that do not even reveal. Watch the video of him singing in a show on the beach. Search on youtube. It is one of the most viewed videos of it. I love this kid. Your way enchants me!

        • Yes, I know that video – it’s a brilliant performance of “Forget You”. And Ronan certainly shows off his flamboyant style and moves. But again, there is nothing there to prove his sexual identity. Countless straight performers have flamboyant showmanship.

          But, at the end of the day, what does it matter? His sexuality is irrelevant and means nothing to anyone except his partner.

  1. He was real sweet and so tiny at this age. I love a tiny little bod. I always loved the tight, little jeans he seemed to always be wearing. Great hair and smile too. And of course, that cute, little butt. Perfect, little bottom boy. yes

  2. Told the story before on BoB ..But everytime is see this boy he reminds me and looks exactly like this boy (about 11 0r 12) that followed me into a store and while i was shopping…followed me around actually flirting with me!!! shock trying to tickle me and touch me! No SH8T!! Not kidding…He was teasing me and following me around touching and trying to tickle me around the waist! I was freaking out because i thought that this HAS to be a set up!! This cute little blonde boy was all over me and what was i to do? Obviously i enjoyed it but was freaked out by it ,,I mean when does this actually happen and what do i do? I wanted to take him and …well… you know…..But? The funny thing was i actually ran into him a few years later at an underage teen gay club and he remembered me! The rest is history…….Yummy! But i wanted him at 11 BAD!!! But what i got wasnt bad either…True story folks…….goes to show you. you never know what can happen out there!

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