23 thoughts on “Pool boys

  1. The blond boy on the right in #2 is spectacular, as is the boy in #7 & 8. Handsome faces and perfectly defined bodies. I don’t know how much of it is genetics versus working out, but kudos to their parents and work ethics both.

  2. Last year I was on the swim team at my school. I’m homeschooled now. I will miss the loud ruckus and nervous sex play of the locker room. I will miss the common fealty along the poolside, rooting our teammate on to the finish line. My eyes will miss the beautiful boys that I can no longer accidentally touch on the arm or shoulder just to have an excuse to meet a new boy and start a friendship.
    There’s always surfing.

    • Florida ..can i be the first to volunteer to be the one who you can touch on the arm? ..P.S.. I love to surf!! hug …signed X_______ “a friend.” heart

    • These boys make us feel osophilac as well as maybe orophilic. chuckle Definitely out id we are id to such things. chuckle Some very nice examples of philosopoids here ! chuckle Or, is that, philosopodicoidal ? chuckle Hands around the corner while we watch as these guys perform while we merely ossificate. chuckle Thanks for FLAG reminding us ! Thamks to Kiper89 for seducing us. chuckle Our edificating is just a real against our will. chuckle

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