Some boys and some advice

so lately I have been on the discussion board and noticed some hateful and judgey things being said we all don’t have to love eachother but we have to respect eachother. I may be 28 but I can’t help that I’m attracted to boys 6-15 doesn’t mean older guys don’t turn me on but I’m a proud boy lover. So to all the young teens out there who say all of us over 21 that like boys are sick look at these ones… They all know they have crazy sex appeal they know they are looked at so let’s all support eachother and not tear eachother down smile

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  1. Totally agree with the statement.
    I know that I am seen as sick, but I’ve liked boys since I was 10, so was I sick then?
    BTW I would never harm a boy, I just love their beauty in various states of dress drinks Together Better!!
    If anyone wants to chat KIK me up

  2. So the logic of that is it’s OK for under 21s to like young boys, but not over 21s. This is the old hypocritical age gap argument. If you’re outside the “acceptable” age group, you’re a pervert. Never mind that anyone of any age indulging in this is breaking the (arbitrary) law.

    Ignore all such narrowmindedness.

    Best wishes dash

  3. The same young adults saying these things will wake up one day well beyond there 21 y/o limit and realize they still love boys the same as they did when they were young. I liked boys younger then myself when I was eleven and despite my wishing and praying it just never went away. dash cry cool eventually I got over it and realize the worlds been wrong on many things before maybe one day they’ll figure out how great of an influence some of us could actually be on a growing boy if only given the chance.

  4. I can’t agree more with what has been said. I am over 21 and like looking at boys as does everyone else here, I do not contact anyone here as most are under 21 and I do not what to make anyone feel uncomfortable by making contact. As for those saying those over 21 are perverted and poss. pedophiles, all I can say is one day you too will be as old and seen the same way, so don’t “judge lest the be judged for as you are judging so shall you be judged”. Love all the posts here- thanks to all who do post, No harm to any child!!! laugh

  5. I have been in relationships with young boys (and even young girls) that were sexual in nature. We loved each other in all senses of the word! Does that make me a pedophile? Yes. Am I ashamed of it? No. I want to make the one I’m with happy, not prey on them. I agree, one day those people who are saying those terrible things will one day be us! Don’t be ashamed of yourself, be truthful and understanding.

  6. Your advice was perfectly articulated and right on point as were the comments listed above – understanding and acceptance of everyone and by everyone is what is needed the most in the end.

  7. I appreciate very much your statement. I feel attracted to boys since I was 12 to 13 yo. We all know that at young adolescence we start to feel that difference attraction and for not be capable to understand we try to “kill” such feelings judging and sometimes vilifying other people as “sick”…
    I must thank you for make this true statement!
    PM me if you want… drinks

  8. I also agree with all of the statements here. I have liked boys since I was 5 and now I am 45. I have tried to ignore it and even got married and had a child. After so many years I still love boys and it has always been a part of me. Everyone needs to understand that people like what they like and can not change. Sure they can lie to themselves and others but it does no good and makes them miserable. No one has the right to judge anyone else for what they like. Just be accepting of one another and let people live their lives. Remember you are also being judged by others for what you like. drinks

    • Thank You to all!!! Well stated!! good BL’s United Inc..LLC yes I wrote one of my usual diatribes but i don’t know what happened to it!! Dont have the energy to start over but I can attest that what most of you wrote is how i feel! BL since time began (Kindergarten) chuckle I ALWAYS loved boys!! hug As a boy I loved boys! As i got a little older I STILL loved younger boys!! In High School as a senior (17) I fell in love with my classmates nephews ,one was 12…that’s when i finally realized I loved not only boys but younger boys!! I drove him everywhere we did everything together movies,concerts,partying etc etc.. and I think he liked me too! I was obsessed with him and took a lot of flack from some of my friends who would see us together ,they would laugh and comment “Hey what are you? Baby sitting?” chuckle I really loved my 7th grade boy!!! Thats when i finally realized i just didnt like boys! I loved younger boys!!! A lot!! and so there it all began! hug

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