11 thoughts on “The last summer days

  1. All of these pics certainly have a feel of the “Last of the Summer Wine” about them, and they reflect my own feelings, which I experience every year, during the last of the summer weeks and days. Already, in the UK, the evenings are drawing in, although the days have been hot and sunny. Even so, as these pictures suggest, it won’t be long before autumn arrives. The images really convey the last desperate attempts to soak up the warmth of summer, and the final rays of the sun. The expression on the face of the boy in the last pic says it all.

  2. Last summer days – very wistful – terrific pics with a cute boy. And the comment above mine by Dave boy is spot on and beautifully articulated – thanks Dave boy. Thanks for pics and goodbye to another summer.

  3. I’m a melancholy man. Autumn arrives. The kids are back in school. Quiet is back too – and the darkness. I’m already looking forward to next summer. Thanx for your comments.

  4. Razmus, I like how you’ve taken the art of boy watching to another level. Your photos are well thought out. I like the compositions. It also doesn’t hurt that the boy is nice to look at. Your photos allow me to step into the mind of this boy, allowing me to imagine that the only sanctuary he finds during his holiday is on the platform, high in the air, where water droplets on his body are kissed by the sun and he can’t hear his name being called, yet while subconsciously, the boy realizes that autumn is approaching and his days of silly boy play and a care-free life have to be paid for by the coming chill of the season’s change. That realization remains in the eyes in the first and last photo. A pity.

  5. LIKE # ONE. laugh
    Last Day of Summer is the cool of autumn off the simmeressing in and of the summer heat after the expectating cool sweet precogniting of spring’s intruding buddings still their any one’s mind eventually mixing with the summertime’s yields of after spring offers with its own sprays and flowery also extrusions and it all yields summertime’s waters and eventual abundant yields to hard survivalist harvests’ work, before autumn’d leftover scents of drummers and trumpets, and yields and hopes and fears, good, bad. more or less, of warm yields, here in and maybe there in, here and there, of the winter’s extrusions offers cold otherwisings. How else we learn. . laugh laugh

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