Come Out And Play

I know it is an old saying from back when children went outside to play. I do not know if it is still used or not? But I would like these guys to come out and play, I hope you do too.nbbspj10 nbbspj10 (2) nbbspj5 nbbspj6 nbbspj6 (2) nbbspj7 nbbspj8 nbbspj8 (2) nbbspj9 nbbspj9 (2)

36 thoughts on “Come Out And Play

    • I know Tristan, Danny, Sonny I, Hunter and my favorite Spencer are loved, I try to post them whenever I come across a picture, even one which has been shared a few thousand times, beauty never grows old. Thank you for the comment Florian, glad you enjoyed. drinks hug

    • I’d like to be in front when you yank his undies down, then I’d …. shock We I will leave that to the imagination. Thank you for the comment Woluf be well and scratch Jigs for me. drinks heart

  1. is it me!? or do others see that even as young as these little guys are,they have an idea of what’s going on…..just maybe do to some older person helping them . . .they know some things……and some just might enjoy some things! as long as they are not forced…that they are ok with it…..than may we all enjoy their beauty and willingness to enjoy and have fun

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