43 thoughts on “Missed jubilee

  1. It’s amazing and impressive just hue beautiful, beautiful boys can be. I looked for a “fav,” but didn’t. Each wonderful, beautiful on his own merit, and for who he is. I just love and aporeciate all these posts!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS …. to BoB and SASCHAX99…Thank You! good heart for all that you do for us! I know I am often a pain in the donkey >>.but I am passionate about BL life and all of the subject matter….!! Also like your taste in boys we seem to share a lot of the same AoA and boy types too! good Keep it going and lets see another Million…….!!! Thank Again.

  3. Yeah, I echo what everyone else has said . Thankyou to both
    Sascha (& Kasper of course) for the administration of this
    wonderful blog. I raise my glass of wine to a toast to the next
    million posts.

  4. Thank you very much for this post I don’t feel like a criminal case I feel loved. And when I need a fixi can come here and not be judged thank you congrats on your milestone and we will help you with the new one

  5. Thank you Sascha! you have blessed a lot of people with this wonderful site! I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I was like a lost Sailor at sea, and your site was the lonely deserted island in the middle of the ocean!

    It’s been a great ride and I hope it’s never ends! we love you Sascha like family! heart

  6. I just love the smile of the boy at picture nr 3! Listening to ToTo ‘I’lĺ be over you, made me cry…..because of the beauty of him and the beauty of that music combined……

    • But i realy like you love ToTo songs. My first love was Martin, a beautyful boy with big brown eyes and and beautyful smile. My memories of him goes along with ‘ I Will Remember’. A pure heartage.

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