13 thoughts on “My son Daan 2

  1. It is a sweet ache I feel when I see you and your handsome son, my sons are all fathers now and even their sons are, It brings back so many happy times. You and Daan go well and enjoy each second, they pass too fast, though grandsons are fun too, Thank you for sharing your beautiful child Lausielaus. drinks heart

  2. nice son men does reminds me of my lost son i don’t know where he is or lives now after i divorced with my girl he has also exactly blue eyes but than a little bit more darker. i miss my own son already 7 years i don’t see him anymore.

  3. Why show off your son here ? Here ? HERE of all places ???
    — Meaning, he is not some sight you happen to see. You are not just showing off your sight see nor some show off nor sexy happens to be there, some happenstance.
    — Your son is not a poseur for hire. He is not wanting a model job and its potential pay off from others’ views, such as other / older men, such as many /most are on here.
    — florian, for example, is the viewers’ fantasies, not his. Famous as he is, he is a guy now out on his own, off you and everyone else. He becomes worth more as an image on his own than any product any might use him for.
    — Cannot figure this. That is a problem, for this sorry one. For you, it is another thing. ha ha help help Figurers better please pm and tell.

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