25 thoughts on “Field Day

  1. There was an extensive series of pics taken many years ago entitled the “Field Series”. I can only assume these are few examples. If recall there were literally hundreds of pics in that series.

  2. Maybe i shouldn’t say it?..Ya know let the cat out of the bag?..But thats always been my forte! chuckle These “stills” all look like a precursor to some kind of old skool porn videos? chuckle Just saying…not that i wouldn’t want to see them or anything!! laugh But they COULDN’T have just stopped after taking such provocative ,oh so tooo hot pics!!! dash Oh how i on good ly WISH to see those!!! I mean c’mon their out in the bush in the middle of no where with these oh toooo hot young boys in their undies! dont you think they DID more?????

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