Hey there!

I bring gifts to all, but if you don’t want them my feelings won’t be hurt to awful bad :'(((

1- (kid1) I like bubbles…     (kid 2) I wanna blow!

imgsrc.ru_49358796cMe 2- (kid 1) You want to play with me?      (kid 2) Rules are only underwear!imgsrc.ru_49358795eLI3- (kid) Bet you can’t get me? imgsrc.ru_49358794Xny4- (kid) Hey there…. imgsrc.ru_49358792Uxi5-  (kid 1) I got to go to the bathroom   (kid 2) Me too….. imgsrc.ru_49350581ToA6- (kid) Don’t you like, don’t you think I’m cute? :'(

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