16 thoughts on “More Fun at the Water

  1. Very sexy group of lads, number 8 is one of my all time favorites because he looks so much like Eddie, one of the hottest boys I ever knew. Since I do not keep photos I do not get to see him that often. laugh And #10 is so much my ideal kind of sexy lad. Thank you Harry for sharing. drinks heart

  2. Not all blonds are even cute nor even good looking and are often, ok, usually ugly… Like most people, ugly or just ok. It is the blond orr blonde hair that gets me. it is the blond hair that gets most people. Good Looking Blond Boys Attack Me without their intent. chuckle . Some boys attack me just with the curls. Number TWO and THREE attack. BLOND sweets. Number SIX attacks me with his non-blond curls. Numbers NINE and TEN hate me with their blond. FUN ! chuckle chuckle
    — Only Picture Number TWO is a of a beautiful blond. heart Willing to build a sand castle with him. just to try and be nice. inlove NERVER HURT nor sex him … just love and leave him alone.

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