25 thoughts on “Return of Trump Boy

      • You mean Lying Hillary! Crooked Hillary!! THE one responsible for the deaths in Benghazi…then lied about it..The one who erased thousands of e-mails then LIED about it! The one who accepted “donations” (payoffs) to her and crooked dick Bill’s foundation like Radical Islamic Ideologists and child slave traders and drug kingpins ..her pay to play etc etc i could go on…You mean THAT Hillary?

    • Oh and Obama was better…HE is THE WORST President the Country the USA ever had!! So Racially divisive and a TRADER!! He sold out the people of America and gave it to the Islamic Radicals and every other peon he could…check your facts!!!

      • Same thing happening in Europe. Europe is literally given away to the Muslims so blatantly clear that it doesn’t stop to amaze me how stupid the masses are not to see the corruption and sell-out that is happening. And the only people who (still) have the power and balls to do something about it are ridiculed and called “racists” and bullshit like that sad. If ANYONE should be strongly against this oh so real threat then it are gay people, and women, and us, and atheists and Christians, and well, everyone really accept the brainwashed who just don’t know any better anymore.

  1. So here we go again Boying boying just loves to RUIN everyone’s FUN times on BOB! by again bringing politics to a place NO ONE wants it!! Just read past comments and present comments above!! He obviously lost the last argument we had by taking his ball and going home…He or She? More like” It” didn’t want to debate with me so he turned tail between its legs and stopped responding! No doubt he will again do the same!! Please just dismiss his comments as a fools tirade! BoB should not have allowed THIS post as well as ITS last post …not that people (boyingboying excluded from that category) dont have a right to say what they want But this is NOT the forum for it,and he knows that,so should the moderators (sorry guys but its true!) Listen i get censored for…lets say.. overstating my desires chuckle and being a little bit graphic and yet some yahoo with too much time on its hands and not enough brains gets to spout off and ruin BoB members fun! If thats the case mods…let us go! No censoring !! Ill put IT in ITS place! But as you will see that wont happen…It will either bow out or BoB will END the comments like it did last post! Too bad one rotten apple has to ruin it for the rest!

    • Just as a sideline, boyaddicked, and why aren’t YOU a member again? You certainly have enough strong opinions. I even agree with more of them than not, why not put some of YOURS in the forum too? (instead of swamping the boat out here in the public domain) Just a thought.

      • Thanks Woluf….To answer your question…To be perfectly honest…I have no answer other than I just haven’t made it a priority and was enjoying what ever status suited me and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t a “real” member? I always felt accepted by most of the “members” and have been enjoying the company and looking at boys….I do not actively search out to “swamp the boat” there are OTHER venues (take note boyingboying) for this. BUT I don’t feel that I have to sit idle when someone makes such idiotic statements and the reason that it is in the “public domain”as you say is because HE put it here and yes you are right I do have strong opinions but I would rather keep them concentrated on which hot boy I like than talk religion or politics,but sometimes my hand is forced…so be it! My main gripe is NOT his skewed sheep like opinions on politics ,Its simple I don’t think political rhetoric belongs here at BoB / Member Blog! and I believe by past and present comments others would agree this is not the forum. Thank You. laugh

  2. Yes mrsmithers I agree Its not the USA`s best candidates along with its current POTUS…but i dont think sexynudes14 and zach meant the political candidates…I believe they are saying that THIS conversation is SAD? again thats why it DOESNT belong here in the first place! BESIDES THE FACT THAT A SUPPOSED GROWN MAN IS RIPPING AT A YOUNG BOY WHOM RIGHT OR WRONG HAS THE BALLS TO TAKE A STAND RATHER THAN SIT AT HOME PLAYING VIDEO GAMES AND ON HIS CELL PHONE ALL DAY…HOW ABOUT SOME ENCOURAGMENT AND PRAISE FOR EVEN GIVING A DAMN…oops sorry caps lock got stuck…:0

  3. Days later ……(crickets chirping………) I knew that scared lil bitch (boringboring) )wouldn’t want to debate and loose again…so much for its convictions! Just like Lying Hillary he runs from the truth…..

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