The original Boy wearing a loincloth.

Actor Johnny Sheffield wearing his loincloth in those old Tarzan films. Johnny Weissmuller is in some photos.1-SheffieldIMG_20150829_0001JW-Boy-clowning-DBtarzan-trouve-un-fils-39-11-g$_1tt7943903_943765642374548_2277832622224983498_n (1)dm02h5

8 thoughts on “The original Boy wearing a loincloth.

  1. I have loved Boy all my life. First I envied him because I wanted Tarzan as my dad and to run and play in the jungle with all the cool animals, then because Johnny Sheffield was one cute sexy boy. I love the colorized shots. thank you Robbo for sharing. heart drinks

  2. In a newspaper article in 1939 during the filming of Johnny’s first Tarzan film, Johnny’s dad Reginald Sheffield said that his son wanted to wear his breechclout (loincloth) to bed. I wonder if they let him. I know if I had a son I will let him.

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