17 thoughts on “This is me

    • I’ll second that. Eddy is absolutely right. Too many fake wannabe profiles here and beware of cyber bullying. Best to send messages as if they are your own brother. Treat others how you expect to be treated.

  1. Well, I can see the rationale of it, but…

    It just seems uncouth to try to turn this blog into a dating service, and it doesn’t actually become excusable until your pictures attain the benchmark of quality we should try and uphold here.

    There are plenty of sites on the web, that show young homosexuals as “clothed, because: too ugly for sex”, as an adult, so maybe this site could be allowed to be a haven for the opposite idea and presentation?

    And if not, then look forward to my uploads of the close-ups of my 35-year old hairy asshole (because once you’re adult, your n00dz are gonna be vulgarly offensive anyway, so yeah, why not embrace it?)

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