Tristan and friends

I had a request for some Tristan photos in his tiger days. It was a bit of a chore since I do not save anything but here are some I found, plus some other cuties I would love to play with. Please play nice.tristan100 tristan101 tristan102 tristan99 tristano tumblr_lihr6rCJtt1qio2cxo1_1280-666x596 tumblr_m2447ase1p1rt2kvdo1_500 tumblr_miskwlcCVn1s6bzb5o1_500-2 TMHB-47 Thomas_young_02

39 thoughts on “Tristan and friends

    • The joy of posting is having members’ imaginations playing with the beautiful boys I hope the cutie in 6 doesn’t play too rough with your imagination, and other things. laugh Thank you for the comment Florian, enjoy away. drinks heart heart

  1. Beast,
    The nude beach was great fun.
    Enjoyed playing games with “white undies”
    and his friend. Thanks for the invite.
    Perhaps “yellow undies” in the last pic
    can join us next time for “games”,

  2. Yes beast thank you so much so many totally hot and gorgeous sexy beautiful boys the one in far left of the 3 boys he is going to be in my dreams for a long time

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