27 thoughts on “Barefootness #1

  1. Pic #4, the boys in the tub, the boy on the left, his left arm extended out, where might his hand possibly be at that moment. Judging by the look on the other boys face, the other boy’s hand must be some place that’s really fun…for them both…the imagination runs wild!!! diablo inlove

  2. Great pics #2 Oh my!! What a cute farm boy!!! #3 Im guessing he dropped something or it s change from his pockets, #4 Thinking what others already said! Boy on right is saying “Thats it Thats it you got it!!” chuckle 7 a fun game looks like!!!I wanna play!!! and the guy with the prize of a boy on his shoulder Oh Boy!!!

  3. Great post, DayRaider!

    #2 is just so sweet and I love how he sits and shows his smooth legs laugh hug

    #3’s boy have got one of the best boy feets I have ever seen. Now I’m gonna frame this picture on my wall and worship it everyday dash chuckle (joking of course)

    Thanks again for these awesome pics!

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