Model Nasser

As a photographer, and in our case, most of the models we post on our websites we rely on the income, and so does the models. There are so many cases where photographers and models material are freely posted and even downloaded. The unfairness … the models get robbed by their “so much deserved” income. For the members of BoB’s blog, we offer a special now.  For a small donation, we will offer you full VIP download status for 12 months. With your donation, we will be able to continue our work and ad more models.

And for those who did baught and supported us before, thank you from the deepest of our hearts.


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19 thoughts on “Model Nasser

  1. Eddy …

    Im not sure what your background is … but let me try to explain. The photos I took as a pro photographer and the models I invest in, takes a lot of time and money to produce.

    All, and I mean ALL boys on our website generate income (90%) by sales from this websites. Most of the boys are from under privilaged backgrounds, no parents, street kids, etc.

    Offering their photos for FREE rip them not only from their self esteem, but also from their dignity, income and reliable source of income.

    In some cases, photographers can afford offering pics for free, in some cases it costs hundreds, smetimes thousands of dollars to just get them photographed with parents concent.

    The world are changing. Nothing is for free anymore, even if we don’t like it or deserve it, but it’s a fact.

    Respect those that are still willing to sacriface ….

    HoHope you understand.

  2. No harm or predigous intended to anyone … but this facts lets you think heay ?

    But thank you so much for all the good replies and comments and complements. With enough support, I can assure you, more and better material to follow.

  3. The images posted here are for FREE for all members of BoB to enjoy.

    Some people are just so ignorant and selfish to expect that EVERYTHING must be free in this world.

    In spite of onjoying and being thankfull, making BoB the place to raise personal issues … it is not only rude, but unfound.

    A good and clever man once said ” Do not start a war if you can not handle war … rather love and respect oneanother”

    It takes two to Tango

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