Beach bums and other beauties

Another post with sporty and fun loving boys. I am making less posts than I used to do, but I opt for quality rather than quantity.

Let’s start off with a nice view. How low can you go?

But this bum isn’t that bad either and we all like short shorts.

So time for some more beachgames.

And remember, being smaller than the rest is no reason not to give it your full effort.

You might even end up having some fun.

Let’s dig, or watch the competition

Some more relaxing games

Short intermezzo, but isn’t he lovely

And dirty and fun loving

How to define cute?

Shot with Camera

Shot with a Camera

14 thoughts on “Beach bums and other beauties

  1. I can’t choose, I mean the boy in pic 1 is beautiful, also the one with red shorts (face not shown) seems to have a great body.
    Pic #2 all of them are lovely, the one in the right have a great butt and legs, well boys in shorts usually do.
    Blond in Pic #4 heart I just love blonds!
    Boy with green socks in pic #7 is also cute as hell!
    oh and the last pic is pure beauty and adorableness heart

    Amazing post! thank you very much

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