14 thoughts on “Boys love is the best

  1. I don’t know anything about boys love – as a kid or as an adult – but it is something special being loved and liked by a boy. And pic 2 is totally awesome and amazing – those cutie boys are perfect in every way and it sure seems that something special was happening between them.

  2. All of my firsts were with boys…..First look, First touch,First kiss,First love..First heartache heart First _ _ _ _? chuckle dash Boys have been a part of my life ….. inlovesince as far back as i can remember say Kindergarten.

  3. I love seeing boys with boys, kissing,touching,…..so cute. As I understand when their eyes are closed…..it’s not fake. Fun to see them exploring each other’s bodies. Brings back some memories. I wish I were one of them!

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