13 thoughts on “Cody, A Beautiful Model

    • Models aren’t my favorite, but I do like this cute little face with the nice tight body. Don’t get me wrong, model boys are gorgeous and those with scantily clad sexy bodies are a real turn on. It’s just that they get overexposed, and I prefer every day boys getting shirtless doing every day boy things. I’d love to see young Cody here hanging out at the pool (in skimpy speedos of course) with his friends.

  1. One of my Favs..On the lowest side of my AoA but wouldn’t say no!! He is absolutely adorable and has a lot of charisma,and like Scotty he always has a lusty look into the lens…..! cutie pie! inlove hug dash ** Rumor check-are Cody and Scotty cousins or brothers…anyone know??

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