50 thoughts on “Random pics of me please be nice

  1. Selfies never do a person justice because they are always poor quality and poorly framed. You deserve to show yourself in decent photos with nice backgrounds. You would look smile much better. smile

  2. I would just like to say a big thank you to all that comment here I been on this site a while now post all time every time I feel I should put my pics on but was scared cos so many posts of perfect models on here and was scared I get no comments or worse bad comments but few day ago I thought I go for it glad I did thanks for all comments you really made me a happy lad now heart

    • You are very tender and sweet
      You are for me a little brother
      I love very boys and girls feet but my preference is for boys feet because are best in the world

  3. You are a fine good looking boy… your shy smile is very authentic and that’s cool because it’s the real world not just the “perfection” we fantasize with models…
    Btw you seems a smart and sensitive lad…
    Thank you for this lovely pics!!!! drinks good smile

  4. Hey BLspain…I usually give others a ration of crap when someone does a post and then asks for a certain response ( like “be nice” “be respectful”) BUT in your case you seem to have a really genuine way about it,So I respect that from you! So I am going to be nice because you are nice. You have nothing to be worried about ,you look very cute…I like your face! good you are a cutie especially pics 3,4,5,6&7…#7 Is hot…you look like a little hot boy in that one!! dash NOT that the others aren’t good its just the one I took a liking to more! You get a big shiny star in my book for being brave and posting your face! Wish I knew you I would want to kiss you though…. chuckle and more but Ill keep it PG for now…lol Great post! hug

  5. I said it to you before {in a pm,} you got nothing to be shy about – youre really cute.
    The Blue eyes are great and even the messy hair works ;-p I mean ~ /ummm, I love your hair /grins, totally tho, the hair works man. And, the little pho-dimples in the corner of your mouth~of your smile~ Reminds me of a inconspicuous kiss hidden PlainAsDay that one can never get because it belongs to another.
    ⒷℓÞɐ۩₪ 웃 + 웃
    /me ~ grins

  6. I like your look very much. You’re very cute. Cute nose, sweet eyes, nice smile. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. I think we like some of the same things (boy’s feet?), I’m happy to see what you look like. Are you from Spain?

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