14 thoughts on “4 very cute blond brothers

  1. They are perfect in every way. I love all four of them and would love to cuddle with them, like their lucky father in the last pic. My favorite is #2. They are too sexy for shirts and should be required to be shirtless 24/7

  2. I’ve been trying to imagine them with long curly hair. What good is being a blonde without having some of it to display. This is the cut my father gave us as kids because he didn’t really know how to use the clippers.

  3. Very Very cute blonde bros…and though Way Way way lol… chuckle Out of my AoA Papa is NOT a bad looking man either! I can see were these little studs get their good looks though!Freakin gorgeous and sexy.. inlove and i dont mind the short hair either…skins are hot too!!! dash dash Oh and those blue eyes oh my im about to faint…. laugh More please!!! yes good

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