Denim Boys VI

This will be my last post here. I’ve not been around for a while but just noted the new posting rules. “Maximum age of posted boys is 15″… How about a minimum age? How about banning senseless series of boring boys riding on a bus or walking the street. Or photoshopped stuff?

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12 thoughts on “Denim Boys VI

  1. Boy #5 is completely delicious! Thank you for your last post, phstor.
    I agree with the máximum age at 15 yo because y’ve seen men over 20 here.
    There would be a mínimum age at like 3 or 4 because this is not the beauty of babys blog.
    Also I don’t like when members post selfies looking for false comments.

  2. Definition of a Baby : “An infant,A very young child” Definition of a Boy “A male child from birth to physical maturity” ? According to Websters Dictionary. Im not Privy to the posted new rules as I am not a “real” member according to some ..But while I do have a special preference an AoA…I also see two extremes….some where the “boys” are very very young and while I personally am not sexually attracted to them some may be ,so be it! Also on the other end of the spectrum I do see way older males while still considered boys most of them are not boy-boys they are not legal adults but not young boys anymore…some still like older teens……the top of my AoA > so i guess its up to the staff to make rules yet they should also cater to their target audience too…after all no members no blog?

    • Hi Boyaddicked, I think of you as “family” though, and enjoy your often clever comments and sharp wit. Of coarse if you were an official Member (easy to sign up, see the home page) we could even PM each other where I could tell you that. Dave

      • What a nice and genuine thing to say…I can feel your sincerity through the screen really! heart I know I am often a pain in the ass and I dont mean to come off as a douche bag…… I just have to be real! and sometimes that ruffles feathers! I dont do it to get a reaction or to be a dick, Its more of a journalistic truth I try to abide by…..Thank You kindly for your very kind words hug Everyone needs a little love once in a while! yes

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