Anyone wanna chat?

Hi people! My name is Spencer and I am a 15 year old gay boy from the US. Just got a kik and looking for people to chat with! I haven’t posted for a while, mainly because my mom found out I was on this site and grounded me and told me never to post again, but I decided to do one last one showing everyone me! Message me on kik, and I would love to talk! -Spencer
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10 thoughts on “Anyone wanna chat?

  1. Your mom is wrong (she doesn’t understand). But that’s ok, this is your life and she doesn’t need to understand. Just don’t get caught ;). Next time you DO get caught though, ask her if she thinks that “punishment” is really the right thing, or if maybe she wants to TALK about you being gay… chuckle

  2. I definitely know what that feels like. My mom actually cried last week because she saw me on here. It was the day before I left for college and she was worried that my roommate and suite mates might judge me if they see me on here, but I’ve been super careful. I’ve only been coming on here when they aren’t around. And she doesn’t understand that this site isn’t bad. She considers it child porn but it really isn’t. By the way I like your braces pic

  3. Freckled Graham!! You are one hot young boy!! I love those braces …I cant really tell you what I would want to do with or to you…(censors) chuckle Only if YOU wanted to! I think you are a one hot young teen! I like the way you look…… HOT!!! Yes you turn me on!! dash dash I know what its like to have moms on your back but I think you will figure it out for yourself! Sexy boy..I wish you all the luck…Only wish I could meet you!!! Post more if you can sneak away but do what you feel is right for YOU! you are so sexy! dash hug joy inlove good

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