37 thoughts on “Meet Henry!

  1. Yes Razmuz This IS my kind of boy!! Love blondes and blue eyes! dash And he has super sexy eyes,very pretty! I agree with Pic collector I love the serious photos of him they look sultry… Not that his smile is forced like he says but (and i feel I am being too picky here I know) his teeth need braces ( plus I love braces boys) and his teeth need some whitening – he would look way too hot…ahem..I mean Hotter! Hes already way hot ..Over all a top pic of the litter dog very goodlooking boy I want him..teeth and all…. chuckle Thanks Raz… good

  2. Oh my God.

    His smile melt my heart smile I want to look into his eyes and see how he reacts to my view.

    Thank you so much for sharing pictures of this awesome cute boy.

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