11 thoughts on “A beautiful 14 years old thief

    • He probably doesn’t have a dad that’s why he’s stealing …!!!!!! However, you are correct he needs a good spanking and I’d be more than happy to administer one to him…..!!!!!!! dash diablo laugh

  1. Aqui no brasil crianças de 11 , 12 ,13 são usadas por adultos para cometer crimes, pois elas não sofrem nada.
    Semana passada um menino de 14 anos anos matou um senhor de 70 anos, o idoso estava em casa e houviu um barulho, foi ver o que era e se deparou com o rapaz, que atirou no idoso.. nada aconteceu com o menino ele foi mandado para uma instituição, mas 1 mes depois estava solto. sad

  2. First off if he was a really good thief ….He wouldn’t have gotten caught….Hello! laugh Secondly Not having a Father is no excuse a lot of people don’t have Fathers and don’t steal,but the presumption could be correct. I would like to steal something from him…..(dirty thoughts blush ) But he would probably like it so that wouldn’t be much of a punishment! I’d still like to give it to him good! good

  3. Sometimes desperate people do desperate things, perhaps he was entirely homeless, not an easy excuse for him, but I hope they helped him get his life in order so he doesn’t have to steal again. Or was this just a staged film to alert people to what they should be on the watch for?

  4. 14 is too old for me, but I’d still give it to him good for stealing, he’s obviously been doing it for a long time, maybe even back as far as possible, like at the earliest school ages. I knew a family once that had a boy who like to steal candy, this boy was very bashful when it came to undressing in front of other people, I was at their house one day, the police knocked on the front door, they had this boy with them, he had been at a friends house, they went to the store for his friend’s Mom,, while there, this boy stole some candy, it was only a few pieces of individually wrapped candies, but he got caught by the clerk, and they called the police, this boy was 7 years old at the time! when the police arrived with him at his house, his Dad took him after the police left, outside in the front yard, made him take all his clothes off and spanked in front of the entire neighborhood! the boy never stole again!

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