24 thoughts on “By request: Redhead boys!

  1. Very nice selection of gingers…1,2,6&7 all are in the wow I got a woodie category chuckle #5 Is in the Oh my god how sweet he is……..category What a little sleeping doll…Love his monkey how cute!!! hug

  2. Oh how I adore the red headed giner boy! Days gone past only memories now since ALL of the boys involved have since grown to be men sadly. sorry But I have my mind still and vividly remember the gorgeousness of Brian (The red head. Age 8 also my nephew through marriage) Jeffery (The adorable brown haired blonde highlights green eyed one Age 8 also Brian’s cousin) Jade (The blonde long haired blue eyed one Age 6 also Brian’s neighbor ) & Shawnee ( The military buzz cut blonde haired blue eyed one with the really REALLY cute butt Age 7 also Brian’s neighbor lived across road) all in their underwear all day long running around in the sprinkler and having water fights. Until Shawnee & Jade had to return home for the night & Jeffery (Days he would sleep over at Brian’s) & Brian would fall asleep Brian in his size 8 He-Man underwear (His favorite pair ALWAYS wore them) & Jeffery in his Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear size 8 as well. Was a wonderful Summer that hopefully I’ll NEVER forget.

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