Coach Pete’s Boys 1: The nipple and friend

How I wish I were Coach Pete. Gorgeous boys on my team and a pool in my back yard for pool parties at the start and end of the season. Basketballers may not be as fit, firm, and sexy as swimmers, gymnasts, or soccer players, but hey, anything that gets the boys to take their shirts off is a good thing.

My two favorites of his are the sexy guy with the one puffy nipple and his fit freckley friend.

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14 thoughts on “Coach Pete’s Boys 1: The nipple and friend

  1. Hot boys and YES pool parties are the best…I got some of my bet D#*K joy at my Birthday and summertime pool parties!!! and yes I too think some of these boys did things…..its almost inevitable with all that testosterone and wetness…(pool water guys c`mon..) okay that too! chuckle

  2. Ole coach pete. I coached, and I been there and done that. You can believe that it’s more than just a team’s day at the pool. If it is nothing on this trip than for just the pics with them dressed like they are. You see where they ended up don’t you. The pics are great. Hope more are posted.

  3. Holy circle of adolescent BOY worship! Wish my pool parties had been like that when I was a Webelo Boy Scout. I wonder if they even know how perfectly beautiful they are, or were. And no dumb girlz n site. Girlz are dumber than I thought if they don’t hang all over these cute guys

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