16 thoughts on “Shirtless Leo

  1. Yes! I know what you mean. There is such an allure about him. He is so beautiful of face and form. I never get tired of looking at him.
    I’ve heard he is either of Italian or Spanish extraction. Can anybody clarify that?

  2. It doesn’t matter which photo of him he is absolutely wonderful in all of them. He is naturally flawless. I love that second to last close up, knowing exactly who he is and comfortable in his own self. Just gorgeous!

  3. I used to have video of him and his Dad at a Park, they were speaking french, I think! he was so charming and his voice was very boysexy! if you know what I mean! If memory serves, he was wearing a white T-Shirt and Board Shorts, it was a summer day and he looked like he was sweating a little from his activities! he was doing cart-wheels and some Calisthenics! He looked to be somewhat younger in the video than in these pics! he was very beautiful! I wish I still had that video, I lost it and my laptop in the house fire when My Mobile Home burned. cry

  4. He is German, but lived in Majorca where these photos were taken.

    There are pictures of him (posted by himself) as an adult, he has become a bit of a bruiser!

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