13 thoughts on “shirtless Skater part6

  1. Wouldn’t they be better off sitting at home playing video games 24/7 while scarfing down huge quantities of junk food so they can grow fat and soft, instead of going outdoors and getting some exercise so we can enjoy admiring their hot slim shirtless bods.

    • We have them here. We had nice weather all of summer, but most of the kids in my block was sitting at home playing computer games. They only went outdoors at sunset chasing Pokémons with their iPhones.

  2. I like young sweaty sweet sk8boarders like the youth in jeanz here. Perfect age, perfect clean cut look, perfectly sinewy slim body. I used to see this a lot near Downtown SanFran b4 they were all banned & they all went home to take selfies of themselves & hang at hidden skateparks. Pacifica is nice tho

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