34 thoughts on “Sporty Monday

  1. It’s almost tuesday where i am. Nice collection of sporty boys!

    Boy with bow an arrow. Yummie! Eros practicing archery.

    Soccer boys, always gorgeous. And those legs!

    Thanx, Sascha for the midnight snacks! good

    • aww yeah it is bad that the summer will be over very soon. here the public pools will close after that week sad but it is really difficiult to great a best of summer post, there exists soooo endless much stunning pictures of boys in the summer time joy wacko

  2. Pic #2 Too bad those green undie things are blocking a great view,,,then again if it didnt we couldn’t see it….so yes Pic#4 boy on left //love his silky hair! Cute face!!! Pics 6&7 Oohh dreamy!!! Thanks Sascha….nice boys! good

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