My Avatar picture!

My Avatar pic is of a beautiful little boy I found while surf some other sites, he is seated on what looks like a bleacher in some kind of sport stadium. notice that his Right rm isn’t visible! after studying the pic very closely, I can’t ell if he might not be an Amputee! I’m hoping y a slim chance that some on here knows this boy or knows of him, at least enough as to whether or not the little guy lost an arm!
If some has this information, I’d very much appreciate a PM to let me know!


this is the full size file of my avatar

23 thoughts on “My Avatar picture!

  1. Judging by the creases in the t-shirt around the waistline, I’d say this is a very clever pose by the boy and photographer with his arm tucked around his back.

    • If he is an amputee it’s fine with me, I just feel sorry for him if that’s the case!

      I want to think that he is holding his arm where it can’t be seen, He is a very sweet looking boy! I love the inquisitive look on his face! as if to say “Why are you taking my picture!?” I just want to kiss him on the cheek! heart hug inlove

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