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  1. As far as I know, these pics are true as found. The jammers of that day have no supporting inner mesh found in other swimwear. In fact, I know of no jammers that have any inner support. The quality of the jammers varied from very snug form fitting to less expensive stretchy material. There are boys that are certainly gifted in every age group to the amazement of their friends. These are no exception. Swimmers often forget themselves in the excitement of a race! The shadows and ridges of fabric lend credence the pics are real. If it were photoshoped I think the exaggeration would be even more! Enjoy the youthful energy in each pic! heart

    • Yes, I agree on #7. The inseam has always been the classic divider of swimmers! Some manufacturers have tried to make a “unified suit” but that is very difficult and expensive.
      He must be excellent in his class.

    • Yes, I agree – #7 is not that huge – well perhaps for his age group, but I have certainly seen well endowed boys of all ages. They are often “ahead of the curve” in that department! Yes, I agree – and certainly much bigger gifts have been known to exist with a select few. If you look at his chest, it is also broader and more developed for his age group – no doubt from all the breast strokes!

      • Sorry to get back at it lol but how old do you think he is? He looks like he didnt started puberty and then he is probably better endowed than most his non pubescent friends (I don’t mean all his friends though).

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