6 thoughts on “Asian boys

  1. Better than enticing, more like exciting!! I must travel there sumday altho many Asian,MiddleEastern& mucho LindoLatinoboyz around here, black&white quite common as my friendz=what a lineup here,& I wil date them n that order with#10 stayin 4the weekend &it’s only Thursday? He blew me away with his kiss, a kiss of his domination over me

  2. And I will spend sum extra time & effort satisfying the needz & wishes of boy on right n #1,#3 tall center&ripe rite, group of boys circle jam on rite n#6, the whole allstar pimp prince lineup of #7, the entire naughtyboy gang of 8, &maybe even flirty#9 mite make that special latenite n2 late morning sauce menu

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