20 thoughts on “Florian! I have always loved him!

      • Thomix..Were going to take your BoyLovers card away!! lol chuckle Florian is a BL Icon…but yeah I know what you mean, I personally dont agree with you I LOVE FLORIAN and never get tired of seeing him…but I must confess I get a little boredom Like you do with Danny…….I know I will get shit for that but its true….so while I disagree I respect your right to your opinion….even though its wrong…tee-hee… chuckle just kidding you pal!

  1. Florian is akind of wrestlers who represents love during pictures but I hope I see avideo for him wrestling in such sexy singlet or red or blue short ,,,
    I have got some pictures for him wrestling Asian as I think , Asian boy in black short

  2. Thanks Boycraver…Love Flo……I told this story before on BoB but it goes like this……..I accidentally found this site while searching for pics of boys…One of the first pics I saw was of Florian…It was a face shot with his shirt on ( Can you believe that?) He had a brown shirt and an earring,,,I jacked it immediately because he was so cute!!! … chuckle These pics I have never seen before! So Thanks,,I will add them to my Florian collection….. good

    • I came across a picture of florian recently that must have been taken right at the end of his modelling career.He was virtually a man and it was sad to see his boyish charm had faded..but at least we have the memories.The second picture here is just perfect and I havnt seen it before.

  3. So thers mor of prettyboy Florian,or AlexKart on Facebook? I hav seen another small gallery I never was privaledged 2 see b4 now just recently so he did a lot of shoots N 4 yrs of modeling as sumbody had plan 2make undesired movez on our luscious boytoy. If I was his fotographer… Pic#7=i know what that signal meanz n hiphop=it sayz u, get down here on this

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