8 thoughts on “Grappling short vidéo

  1. I can say that wrestling boys is akind of unknown love so you can see direct touch between two boys embrace each other without ve for boys fighters and I love boy with long hair he is very beautiful ,,I hope him more records ,, both did well

  2. Wow. I love the crotch to crotch contact. I don’t know how they both weren’t hard. I thought and was hoping they were going to make out. So hot to watch.

  3. @1:16 Oh I got wood when he(long haired boy) showed his braces! And 1:33 Uugghh! I wanted to get in there and help him!!! He has a death grip on that kids neck!!! Bottom boy did the right thing by going for the weak link….the kids thumb! I like how short haired boy was trying to cheat on re-position by trying to say he had long haired boy in a submission hold! The Ref was right long haired boy had two hands on sh boy pinned behind his back…. Cute boys both of them!!! Id like to wrestle them wearing our Birthday suits ONLY!!! joy

  4. Now I could watch that all day long. I like when blueboy with hair’s shirt begins riding up as he gets a mouthful of bulging boy bicep & sweaty, barely haired adolescent underarm=just take the shirts off & loser scks winner like n old AMG filmz=this is a struggle for boy with most vitality

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