24 thoughts on “shirtless Skater part8

  1. A whole buncha rambunctious energy pubescence goin on here but #1, #5,8 &9 stand out as exceptional = my last fling was with STRONG muscled but 12 pack slim & model quality faced chocolate brown half black barely legal teen sk8er with BIG hair on only his head & slightly in armpits from St. Louis who came to SF to meet me, I guess. He lived with me most of the time for a year & a half just a few years ago

  2. I took my young friend 2DewSummerTour here a few years ago year after year&we ran n2 beautiful young sk8board pro NyjahHuston so I introduced them&asked Nyjah 2sign my friendz board I had just [email protected] booth. Then famous CashMoneyLil Wayne performed 2songz on street sk8course. Next day we met [email protected] a mile away near BayBridge

  3. I have also been to 2 years of X-Games here & shot LOTZ of interesting video on my cam = TonyHawk competed still, back then & a very pretty kid named KellyBird kept coming back 2grocery store n TheCastro where I worked &he had just gone pro for skateboard [email protected] 18 maybe. Also TommyGuerrero is from nearby a while back n Hawk’s prime=he was kinda cute also as was Lil Wayne back n original HotBoyz videos like BLING !!

  4. I used to have a large poster of young shirtless Hawaiian skateboarder Christian Hossoi jumping sum stairs hanging above my TV back then with a younger shirtless BeastieBoyz sk8 poster with SexyAd Rock [email protected] ARCH n NYC that LarryClark included n movieKIDZ hangin next 2 it

  5. Actually, ChristianHossoi was gettin massive air out of pool & Beastiez were jumpin sum stairs together? All I know is I soon had a LONG fling with strait kid Sk8r named Christian who lived with me for about 5 years round ’89 wen we had slightly major earthquake& I was n my late 20’s& I worked out plus went 2metal concerts a lot with him

  6. More skater boys – interesting how they always seem to like skating shirtless – I have no idea why that is the case but they definitely look great and they seem to have good skating skills as well.

    • MTV..Its because were they are sk8ing its hot! and it just goes with the sk8 culture to be shirtless!!! Thank God!!! Now if we can only get them to sk8 bottomless too!! good joy

  7. Nine qualifies as a god, as follows:
    If I was inclined to girls, he’d rapidly convert me.
    I’m positive he could perform miracles.
    I believe there’s a mountain named after him on one of the Greek islands (and those guys knew what they were talking about, godwise)
    I suspect he may have been responsible for recent eruptions. Round at my house, anyway.
    I worship him.

    And he’s the new background on my pc. That doesn’t stand for politically correct.

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