Farewell Post

I’m moving on to a better platform. BoB has been good to me but has slipped a bit recently and  has way too many repeat photos. New spot prefers a dressed boy with a really cute face before showing 5 meh boys in a speedo. Here’s something from a boy.rar and one more Trump Boy for Boy Addicked who seems to like him a lot.

kiddo-mp4_20160910_210931-307kiddo-mp4_20160910_211345-943kiddo-mp4_20160910_211725-858kiddo-mp4_20160910_212636-976things-i-don-t-remember-mp4_20160909_215208-662things-i-don-t-remember-mp4_20160909_215319-618things-i-don-t-remember-mp4_20160909_215636-716things-i-don-t-remember-mp4_20160909_215636-716 trump-hitler

9 thoughts on “Farewell Post

  1. Boring,Boring…..Now announcing….The next President of the United States of America…..DONALD TRUMP.. laugh chuckle laugh chuckle laugh chuckle laugh chuckle gamer penguin dog dog Suck on it and wither in your loss with the wicked witch of the East…. I could hardly contain myself and wished that you were still here to rub it in your ugly face! Even though you say you dont follow BoB anymore I KNOW you still do…( I have ways of knowing help ) what your up to! Like I said before I was never a staunch supporter of Trump,But when we have a lame Obama ruining the world and a crooked liar in Clinton,Trump was the lesser of two evils and you pushed your agenda onto a site were no one wanted politics in it,Well I just had to set your ignorant ass straight…So I am giggling chuckle with joy and almost have wood laugh at the thought of you and all of your Clintonians squirming in agony and pain….So hopefully you will move out of the country and start your own society and live as lepers. Have a nice day ,,DICK!

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