My lovely & beautiful friend, Erik

Back in August, school just started for me. Besides having a new class at my secondary school, there are always some boys that are going to take my attention, Erik was one of them. All tho we aren’t full time friends, we talk witch each other often, both outside and at school. But I feel a little tingle of love for him. I just like him, and he is so far one of my favorite boys in my new class.

Smiling on vacation!

Smiling on vacation!

The country's color scarff

The country’s color scarf


Daddy’s happy birthday pic of Erik





He plays soccer/football as well! Look at him go!


Smile again!

8 thoughts on “My lovely & beautiful friend, Erik

  1. Yes I see why you like him!!! I would be all over him like white on rice…..He’s cute!! Just be careful I have had good friendships that were fine until my hormones took over and some (thankfully not all) didnt go too well, they kinda freaked out when they found out I liked them more then just as friends..some were like” cool” but didnt feel the same way and we stayed friends….(but the sexual tension was still there and it fizzled our friendship) Other times it was great and we were friends and also lovers on the side….. joy So choose wisely! good Good luck sweetheart!

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