29 thoughts on “The Magnificent 10

  1. It’s a wonder that no-one has mentioned it so far, but boy #1 is absolutely beautiful. The photography is also excellent, and I love the way in which it subtly emphasizes the down on the boy’s arms and legs. Gorgeous!

    • Glad YOU mentioned it..You beat me to the punch!! This boy is Soooooo underrated I think! I absolutely love this kid….Seen him on BoB He always reminds me of my little cousin ! He has a cute face a hot body ( complete with “Vellus” hair) (* Thank You Razmus…… chuckle knowledge is *key!…) yes good Loads of charisma and personality!! I love him too Dave Boy! joy good

  2. Nice set of 9″pix here. Dont remember that one of Florian b4. I alredy had Nakita pic but not the rest of these,maybe yung singer picTroye I had=looks familiar. Anyway,i wood wrestle all these kidz2see who realy wants me2take them out4 icecream

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