12 thoughts on “MattyB’s cute feet

  1. These pics are sooooooooo great honestly and truly this is the best website that I’ve ever found I love boys so much especially them feet and toes thanks so much for these posts thanks alot please more feet pics I loved this so much please more boys feet and toes

    • Those girls in the pics are I think, some of his Cousins, because I have video of him and them outside a building in the Town Center of Atlanta, Matty is wearing a bright green Sport Coat and Tie, and SO gorgeous shock , these girls are all but treating him like a baby, they almost have to be related to him, I don’t think his parents would let the general pubic, i.e. his fans, get that close to him and be that way with him! Besides, it was probably his Dad doing the filming.

      needless to say, I’ve had SO many…dreams! about him! dash wacko

      I still have the video I think! if I can find it I’ll do a post with it! yes

  2. Love MattyB…..better when younger with that mouth full of braces but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed…! Noticed a little tuft of fur under those pits too! Uh-Oh Matty’s got his nut going on now chuckle

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