Member’s Choice: PAIRS XII

10 Boy Pairs.

3 Questions:

  1.  Which Pair is the Best Looking?
  2. Which Pair is the Cutest?
  3. Which Pair is the Hottest?   









younggayaussie2: “ Love, is love…..period. ”


removed by request of his parrents, Sascha




Thank you for your participation and comments!


34 thoughts on “Member’s Choice: PAIRS XII

  1. Iam terrible at this – I have no idea – making decisions is not my thing – so Iam going to take the easy way out and say all of them are good looking, cute, and hot – that was easy.

  2. Which Pair is the Best Looking? Tie between #1 – sexy and shirtless and #5 – blond gods.
    Which Pair is the Cutest? #8 – those smiles!
    Which Pair is the Hottest? #9 – just look at those bodies, especially the boy on the right’s.

  3. #10 is the best looking for me. smile Could be better if they weren’t hiding their chests. sad

    #8 is the cutest. I just love the way they smile. heart

    #4 is the hottest because there’s only so much imagination you can get in an elevator. laugh

  4. For me is the first pair the hottest. Great bodies with ripped pecs and abs heart
    The cutest to choose is harder. The pairs in the pics 4 and 8 are both really cute and I love them all!
    Both boys in pic #9 are stunning beauties heart Best looking pair I think

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