26 thoughts on “Blond boy with photographer

  1. Yeah well thanks to Marotta and You Raz…after all Daniel didnt post them so I give you the salute! Thanks they were a good choice…and yes I too thought that the last pic was his brother ,after I first though that they were both him…like a younger then now hes older….but I went back too look for a cleft chin on younger boy and he hadnt one so….?

  2. …Oh yeah I forgot to mention that hot “Vellus Hair”… chucklehe has!….. I love to tease you bout that for fun hug …But I tip my hat to you on the knowledge end of it all! I love to learn.So Thanks good

  3. Omg the thoughts that runs thru my mind with my one hand the hott boy sitting with his one leg up. Mmmm hott thoughts. That is my fav pics to see. Thx for sharing. I think i can say those thoughts to you all on here

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