24 thoughts on “My boyfriend and I

  1. You guys are very lucky to have each other, and at a young age I love how our children are not afraid to be how they are. Some of us in our thirties are still trying to find ourselves my best wishes to you and yours.

    With love

  2. I wish I could be in a relationship like you, but of course the one person in the world that I want to give my heart, however small it may be, to… Just doesn’t want to give me a piece of his… heart sorry The only thin I have to say is that I’m sorry, sorry that I’m not the person you want to have in your life

    • @boys4lyfe…I know it must hurt.. cry yes ive been there! So has everyone on BoB (I betchya) So dont worry ,before you know it someone will enter your life and who will appreciate you and your love! heart …and this latest one will be a distant memory..If one at all….Trust me! I dont know you or what you look like BUT from what im reading into I bet I would love you too!…and I only WISH I could be in your life…. You sound like you have a good heart heart ,,Good Luck and hold on…It will happen sooner then you know it!

  3. What a beautiful couple you make. Clearly you belong together, and I hope you are able to stay together for ages. You may detect some envy in the comments above from older folks. As a 78 year old I can only add to and multiply that envy. How I wish I had had a relationship like yours when I was your age. Good luck to you both!

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